Cell phones and texting while driving

par ProAssistance, le 25 March 2022

Driving a car requires the full attention and concentration of the driver. The driver must constantly be on the lookout for the many unforeseen events that may...

Driving while impaired by alcohol

par ProAssistance, le 21 March 2022

Criminal Code Upon or following your arrest, you will receive either a promise to appear or a summons. This document will tell you when to report to court and when to go to a police station to be fingerprinted. Immediate administrative sanctions SAAQ There are several administrative consequences...

7 golden rules to save on tires

par ProAssistance, le 21 March 2022

Replacing tires is a costly operation, so here are 7 simple tips to save them and gain...

Holiday Season and Driving

par ProAssistance, le 21 March 2022

For many, the holiday season involves many hours spent on the roads. And for this period to remain one of joy, it is … important to remain very vigilant behind the...

Winter driving a matter of adaptation

par ProAssistance, le 21 March 2022

Winter driving, in addition to its share of cold temperatures, snow and ice, brings dangerous road conditions. Slippery roads and poor visibility can make winter driving difficult in...

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